Monthly Archives: November 2013

One Gamer’s Project Turns New Leaf to New World

Video games have been a form of social interaction. In the early days, someone would play the game while the spectators would watch in amazement. Thanks to the power of the Internet, not only can we watch others play from our computer screens via Let’s Plays, but we can interact each other by competing against each other or create a world.

One such example is project created by a YouTube user named Chuggaaconroy.

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My Three Cents: YouTube Comments and Google+

It’s been well over a week since YouTube installed the new comments system where users would have to establish a Google+ account in order to have their say on a video. The purpose of this is for Google+ users to connect to YouTube by sharing videos to other Google+ users, similarly to what users of other social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) do when they use YouTube. In addition, users can make long comments (which was limited to 400 characters previously), as well as post links (which didn’t exist in the previous update). However, both of these updates have been given much negative feedback between YouTube users, including YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.

And I can see why this is a problem, as well.

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Let’s get this blog going!

It’s been over six months since I re-opened this blog. I should get this blog going. The problem is I cannot think of things to discuss.

Well, since I am interested in the arts, I should focus on discussing it on blogs and videos. Specifically, the arts include fine arts, animation, video games, and designs.

I have ideas for discussion, but it would be some time before I would make it a regular thing.