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Jem and the Holograms Movie: It’s Only the First Trailer

I apologize for not posting this earlier, when the trailer was released last month. I was busy and forgot that I made this article. So, enjoy!

This was my initial reaction when I saw the trailer for the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie. I still stand by my Twitter statement. However, I can’t say that it will be a bad movie. In fact, my prediction that the movie itself will be a simple, “meh”.

Yes, I know it’s not the same Jem and the Holograms that many like myself watched when it aired in the 80s or on the Discovery Family (formerly HUB Network). But let’s think about this. This is the same reaction that people were giving when they showed Sony Animation’s Smurfs movies or Michael Bay’s rendition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So far, I can vouch that the first Smurfs movie from Sony Animation was…odd (Hank Azaria’s performance didn’t help). However, I will not say anything about any movie until I see the full feature. That’s how it should be, right? I mean, I remember dissing Super Mario Galaxy when it was first announced, but after playing it, I really loved it.

It’s inevitable that mainstream media (e.g., Hollywood movies and TV shows) will change a franchise, especially a franchise that is about 30 years old. And yes, sometimes adaptations fail; sometimes, they succeed. However, when you change something that is dated to make it modern, you have to make it timeless. Even Jem and the Holograms, a series that screams 80s mainstream from the outrageous fashions and slang to the magic or technology, can be made timeless. From the initial trailer, the only thing we see is the bad fashion sense and a plot that looks like it was ripped from a Disney Channel movie.

I know fans of Jem are angry that there little or no reference to the cartoon. I sympathize with them. Director John. M. Chu could have put in more effort into making the movie a bit more like the cartoon. He could have added “The Misfits”, which could add a rivalry subplot. He could have Jerrica be a computer nerd to program a hologram using the program, Synergy. I mean, Jem did say the catchphrase, “Showtime, Synergy” in the movie; he can’t have her say it for no reason, right?

Right now, from what the first trailer has shown, it looks very underwhelming. Regardless, please remember that this was only the first trailer for the Jem movie. We could see “The Misfits” and thanks to that iconic line mentioned, we might have Synergy in our story. But for now, we’ll have to wait until the movie is released and prove whether or not this movie is “truly outrageous”.


MAGFest 2015: You Have Been Good to Me

With the amazing concerts, the cool games, the entertaining panels, and all the sights to behold, you do not disappoint me. It was a so much to do, so little time thing, and there were some things I wish I could do things differently, like visit old friends more often, go to more concerts, take more pictures, get in line extra early for one autograph session, play more games like 8-player Smash and Pokémon, and not sign up for Name that Tune (because I failed miserably when I played). I guess part of me is getting to the age when you have to mind your health, though another part of me is saying that you need to be more social.

Then again, one artist whom I have followed online knows me by name, which was a surprise. And I got to meet a few new people (and got an autograph from Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey from Steven Universe). And I did compliment a few panelists on their good work. And all of the things I wanted to do were crammed into the evenings, but still enjoyed concerts such as MegaRan, Powerglove (see featured image above), Bit Brigade, Gamechops, and The Protomen and panels like Thrown Controllers and Cartoon Intro Sing-a-Long. And I have developed a love of indie games (which is something I never thought was possible), particularly Earthnight (see below video). Wow, I did a lot of cool things, more than I thought.


Nevertheless, I will focus on my confidence to stand on my own (by that I mean not rely on someone for a ride by conquering my driving fears). Here are a few pics I have taken this year.


Memories of MAGFest 3: All Grown Up

As MAGFest slowly approaches this weekend, let us now conclude this retrospective trilogy by looking back in the last four MAGFests (if you haven’t looked at the previous two MAGFest articles, I suggest you go back and read them). This four-day festival of video games and music has become too big for a small hotel and has moved on to bigger places, leaving room for bigger faces to make their mark in MAGFest history.
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Memories of MAGFest Part 2: The Awkward Years

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Memories of MAGFest” series. If you haven’t got a chance to read the first part, check it out. It’s not required, but appreciated learning about MAGFest’s humble beginnings. In 2008, in its sixth year, MAGFest has reached over 1000 attendees, which led to a bigger location, which led to some of the craziest things to happen.
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Memories of MAGFest Part 1: The Early MAGFests

From January 23rd-26th, MAGFest, the video game and music festival at National Harbor, Maryland, will be hosting for the 13th year. As someone who has attended MAGFest for over 10 years, I will be happy to share some of my memories of possibly one of the best festivals I have ever attended (yeah, don’t call MAGFest a convention as it is not like any other convention).

Since I will be discussing a lot of MAGFests, I will be dividing into three parts. We will call this part, the early years, when MAGFest was just a small gathering of about 500 attendees before it became a HUGE event filled with 10,000+ attendees.
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New Year, New Look, Expect Improvements

As you can see, the blog series is going through some renovations to keep up with the trends for 2015. The share tool is MUCH BETTER than the previous share tool, in my opinion.

Speaking of articles, I am going to change the upload schedule. Instead of posting on Mondays, since everyone else usually posts on Mondays, I will post on Wednesdays. I will also try to alternate categories to keep some variety (an article on animation, an article on games, and so forth). However, for this month, I will be doing a weekly three-part retrospective of my favorite festivals to attend: MAGFest! So, stay tuned!