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2016: A Hope for Change…Maybe

Finally, I get a chance to make a blog for the new year. So let’s look at the list I made for my 2015 resolution:

1. Looking at my activity on my WordPress Dashboard, I have only posted 6 pieces this year. I would like to restart my blog by posting at least once a week. I have managed to get a headstart by making a post on best winter holiday specials, and I would like to continue posting articles like these in the future.

Okay, so I got a little too excited in making that promise. At least I did make more than six articles.

2. I would like to make more adventures with Star Haven Studios’s mascots, Ashana and Lily. I have made an attempt on a short comic, but I would like to make an adventure with them.

After doing more research on creating a fantasy world, this step may take a while. In fact, I have plans on updating Ashana’s look.

3. I would like to make more prints, not just featuring Ashana and Lily, at least to sell at conventions or online.

This I would like to do for this year. I plan on going back to making illustrations. In fact, I submitted more artwork in 2015 than any other year since joining deviantArt in 2006. Again, regarding Ashana and Lily, particularly Ashana, see #2.

4. I would like to make my YouTube page worth something. Given my last attempt at a video, I think it would be smart to start small and work my way up. I also would like to expand the playlist to include traditional drawing sessions, as well as digital. I may even try a video blog series. First thing I would do is create a trailer to introduce the world to Star Haven Studios.

Another project I would like to do. However, I need to get the right equipment.

5. Work on my “Games to Beat List”. It’s going to be difficult thanks to Town of Salem, Smash WiiU/3DS, Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Tomodachi Life.

I sold Tomodachi Life. Haven’t played the other games much lately, thanks to Splatoon and Undertale (both great games). However, I did beat one of the games and I will do a review of that game when I get to it.

6. Improve the look of the entire website. While it does seem to be mobile-friendly, it does need to be more eye-catching.

Another thing I have to put on my list of things to do. Truth be told, thanks to social media, it’s pretty difficult to get viewers on websites without offering something unique. The reason I made the website was to showcase the best of the best of my craft.

So, this is 2016. Not much to say. Even though I didn’t get them done this year, I still got started on some. I did keep this blog alive and I did get some artwork done. I even did #Inktober, which I will showcase in a sketchbook video.

Long story short, I’m just going to keep on going and see where this adventure leads.


Interrupting News: YouTube, #Inktober, and Possible AnimeUSA Visit

Interrupting News: where I post things that are longer than 140 characters and cannot wait until Wednesday to mention.

Today, I shall announce some changes and some updates throughout Star Haven Studios.

  1.  As usual, any posts made on this blog will be updated on Wednesdays, as usual. Think of it as helping overcoming the busy weekdays (I know they have a term for those Wednesdays, but I think it’s being phased out). The only exception to that rule is articles labeled, “Interrupting News”, such as this article you’re reading.
  2. I have deleted some of my old videos that I may feel get flagged courtesy of YouTube’s newest rules. Better be safe than sorry.
  3. I am still doing #Inktober this year. I have plans of making a compilation of it.
  4. There will be a video for my 2014-15 sketchbook. I have plans for narrating it.
  5. There is a chance I will be attending Anime USA this Saturday, mainly to see the Cowboy Bebop cast.

Thank you and have a nice day. And for those who are coming to Anime USA, I hope to see you then.