Interrupting News: YouTube, #Inktober, and Possible AnimeUSA Visit

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Interrupting News: where I post things that are longer than 140 characters and cannot wait until Wednesday to mention.

Today, I shall announce some changes and some updates throughout Star Haven Studios.

  1. ¬†As usual, any posts made on this blog will be updated on Wednesdays, as usual. Think of it as helping overcoming the busy weekdays (I know they have a term for those Wednesdays, but I think it’s being phased out). The only exception to that rule is articles labeled, “Interrupting News”, such as this article you’re reading.
  2. I have deleted some of my old videos that I may feel get flagged courtesy of YouTube’s newest rules. Better be safe than sorry.
  3. I am still doing #Inktober this year. I have plans of making a compilation of it.
  4. There will be a video for my 2014-15 sketchbook. I have plans for narrating it.
  5. There is a chance I will be attending Anime USA this Saturday, mainly to see the Cowboy Bebop cast.

Thank you and have a nice day. And for those who are coming to Anime USA, I hope to see you then.


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