Splatoon: Nintendo’s Possible Next Hit

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This afternoon, I had the privilege to try out Nintendo’s newest game series, Splatoon. In this game, you play squid people (or inklings) who shoot ink on land and at opponents in order to dominate the territory. Yes, Nintendo has made an original, but fun, third-person shooter.

I will admit, I am not good at shooters. My college buds can vouch that in the few times I played Halo multiplayer. Of course, other than the Halo LAN parties, I have never played a shooter genre game. So, for those who have me on their team would have to be patient with me. Regardless, Splatoon is a great game for novices and pros alike, especially for something this creative.

The tutorial was a great start. You move around the Gamepad to aim, as well as pressing the left and right triggers to look around and move, the ZR button to shoot, ZL to dive in their own ink, and R to throw bombs. I will admit I would have to adjust my handling to get used to the controls. I’m sure I can adjust my control settings when the game is released.

As for the online mode, there have been some server issues, but with many people on a Saturday playing, that’s not surprising. Before I get to play, I was given four weapons: a regular splat gun, the “Spalttershot”, with a decent bomb sub weapon; a junior splat gun, “Splattershot Jr.” (which reminds me of a super soaker) with a weak bomb sub weapon; a giant roller with powerful bomb; and a sniper rifle with a weaker bomb. The roller, the “Splat Roller”, is one of the best weapons to get in the forefront, the splat guns are good for 1-on-1 melee, and the sniper shot, the “Splat Charger”, is great for long ranges. A few things they don’t tell you in the tutorial that I wish they cover include the following: you can meet with your teammate from the spawn point by pressing their icon on the Gamepad screen; and you can use a special weapon by pressing the ‘R’ directional stick or on the Gamepad. Of course, I learned it from the Splatoon Direct, which I watched after I played the demo.

While I was waiting to get in a match, I was given a mini-game to play on the Gamepad, which I didn’t care for it. It’s a jumping game where you play a pixilated squid trying to jump before you hit the purple water of death. It took me a while to learn the controls, because I didn’t know how to play (there were no instructions, and if there were I had no idea how to access it).

On top of what the Direct video had mentioned, which included topics such as customizations (weapons and outfits), a single-player mission mode different multiplayer modes, and online tournaments, I will most likely get this game as soon as possible, and I suggest you do the same when Splatoon is released on May 28th in Japan and May 29th everywhere else.

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