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Don’t Jump to Conclusions on News About Your Favorite Franchise: The Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa Crossover

This February, Cartoon Network announced that there would be a crossover episode of the two shows, Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa. When I heard this announcement, I was uneasy. But when I got to watch the crossover episode (titled, “Say Uncle”), I had a good laugh. Continue reading


Nostalgic TV Channels: Not a Necessary

Nostalgia is a wonderful feeling, and sometimes we crave to bring back what had made our past enjoyable. Television networks recognized this and made networks just to bring back classic shows. I remember my Ma was filled with joy when the Nick at Nite channel launched, and she saw shows like “Room 227” and “Welcome Back, Kotter”, not to mention classic commercials to add the nostalgia. I was thrilled when Cartoon Network launched Boomerang, and I saw parts of the old Cartoon Network, from the shows they broadcasted to the classic bumpers and shorts they played through the break.

However, over time, networks like Boomerang aired shows that have not long gone off the air on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons Network and Nick at Nite aired original shows and not-too-old shows. So, people would request a channel for nostalgia shows. This is a nice idea, but there are a few reasons why having something like this is not necessary. Continue reading