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Interrupting News: YouTube, #Inktober, and Possible AnimeUSA Visit

Interrupting News: where I post things that are longer than 140 characters and cannot wait until Wednesday to mention.

Today, I shall announce some changes and some updates throughout Star Haven Studios.

  1.  As usual, any posts made on this blog will be updated on Wednesdays, as usual. Think of it as helping overcoming the busy weekdays (I know they have a term for those Wednesdays, but I think it’s being phased out). The only exception to that rule is articles labeled, “Interrupting News”, such as this article you’re reading.
  2. I have deleted some of my old videos that I may feel get flagged courtesy of YouTube’s newest rules. Better be safe than sorry.
  3. I am still doing #Inktober this year. I have plans of making a compilation of it.
  4. There will be a video for my 2014-15 sketchbook. I have plans for narrating it.
  5. There is a chance I will be attending Anime USA this Saturday, mainly to see the Cowboy Bebop cast.

Thank you and have a nice day. And for those who are coming to Anime USA, I hope to see you then.


The Next Step: A New Video Project Has Emerged!

Well, already the YouTube Channel has started on its next step with this new project: an art series showcasing the process of my works.  Welcome to “Live from Star Haven Studios”.  I know that’s the name of this blog, but I think it’s a connection thing.  Anyway, details of the works can be found on the videos’ pages.

Farewell 2013, Hello 2014

Well, 2013 has come and gone, so what can I say about it? For me, I have had my ups and downs personally, but I keep on going, nevertheless.  For Star Haven Studios, it’s a big step.

First of all, Star Haven Studios was all about getting with the times, from designing with mobility in mind to reaching others with social media. The site even has a domain name to make it more professional-looking. Overall, the site had a major makeover.

So, what’s in for 2014? First of all, I have plans of making a “Making of…prints” video series. I have a video ready for A Special Mistletoe Surprise 2…oh, but I will most likely plan on releasing it sometime after Magfest. In addition, I will add my yearly sketchbook video for 2013.

I also have plans for future projects, but until I get the details straighten, they will remain secret.  Well, I will say this: It does involve history (and I may or may not talk about Soul Calibur).

In conclusion, expect more things in the future, so follow Star Haven Studios on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or on RSS Feed to find news and new prints.

One Gamer’s Project Turns New Leaf to New World

Video games have been a form of social interaction. In the early days, someone would play the game while the spectators would watch in amazement. Thanks to the power of the Internet, not only can we watch others play from our computer screens via Let’s Plays, but we can interact each other by competing against each other or create a world.

One such example is project created by a YouTube user named Chuggaaconroy.

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My Three Cents: YouTube Comments and Google+

It’s been well over a week since YouTube installed the new comments system where users would have to establish a Google+ account in order to have their say on a video. The purpose of this is for Google+ users to connect to YouTube by sharing videos to other Google+ users, similarly to what users of other social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) do when they use YouTube. In addition, users can make long comments (which was limited to 400 characters previously), as well as post links (which didn’t exist in the previous update). However, both of these updates have been given much negative feedback between YouTube users, including YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.

And I can see why this is a problem, as well.

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